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ComStage CBK U.S.Treasury Bond Future Double Short UCITS ETF I

Commerzbank US Treasury Bond Future Short Leverage (2x)

Bonds United States Government bonds Future x2

The Commerzbank US Treasury Bond Future Double Short Strategy Index tracks two times leveraged inverse performance of the Commerzbank US Treasury Bond Future Strategy index. The Commerzbank US Treasury Bond Future Strategy index tracks US Treasury Bond Futures. The U.S. Treasury Bond Future, colloquially known as "30Y US Treasury Future", refers to bonds which are issued by the United States of America with a maturity of at least 15 and at most 25 years. It works as follows: The strategy will fall (rise), if interest rates for long term US-bonds will fall (rise).

United States Dollar
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No performance data available for this fund.

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Exchange Currency Ticker Bloomberg Code Reuters Ric
SIX Swiss Exchange USD - CB25DSUS SW- CB25DSUSD.S
Stuttgart Stock Exchange EUR E573 E573 GS- E573 .SG
XETRA EUR E573 E573 GY- E573.DE
Frankfurt Stock Exchange EUR - E573 GF- E573.F